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About this validator

What is this?

This is a free validation tool which can be used to check if the syntax of your RSS feed is correct.

How do you use it?

Enter the url of your RSS feed and click on the validate feed button. We will check your RSS feed and let you know if any problems have been found with it.

There are two parts to our validation:

  • We first check there is a response from your website ie can your feed be accessed by the URL you provided?
  • The second part is checking if the returned feed is in the correct format. We display the results, including any errors found.

What type of RSS does it validate?

This validator checks your feed against the specifications in RSS 2.0. It does not support earlier versions of RSS or Atom feeds

Why should you validate your RSS feed?

The specification provided by RSS 2.0 is short and fairly simple. Thousands of different publishing platforms and libraries have implemented it, ocasionally adding their own twist and flavourings. It's important to make sure that your feed complies with the RSS specification. With the increasing popularity of news aggregators and feed syndicators, it's essential to make sure that your feed is readable by these tools.

How much does it cost?

There is no charge to use this validator, it's completley free. We don't require you to provide an email address or to register for any service.

Is there an API for it?

Currently, there is no API for this validation tool. It can only be used on this web page.

Is the validator open-source?

The code for this validator is not publicly available. It is a private tool which has been made free to use.