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I write about Django and JavaScript

2020, my year in review

Here's what happened in my 2020

Testing Django with Cypress, how nice!

In this post I share some recipes for testing Django with Cypress, with a focus on the authentication flow.

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I’m a software developer. I have one main opinion about programming, which is that deeply understanding the underlying systems you use (the browser, the kernel, the operating system, the network layers, your database, HTTP, whatever you’re running on top of) is essential if you want to do technically innovative work and be able to solve hard problems.

A software developer and a technical lead. I take special interest in databases, web development, software design and performance tuning.

Exciting New Features in Django 3.2

Django 3.2 is just around the corner and it's packed with new features. Django versions are usually not that exciting (it's a good thing!), but this time many features were added to the ORM, so I find...

The Unexpected Find That Freed 20GB of Unused Index Space

Every few months we get an alert from our database monitoring to warn us that we are about to run out of space. Usually we just provision more storage and forget about it, but this time we were under ...

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I write about software development, machine learning and building a career in tech.

Software developer, sharing coding tutorials and tips


Every day I’m exposed to hundreds of great ideas. Twitter. Hacker News. Reeder. Podcasts. YouTube. I have a curated inbox where every day I am interacting, mostly passively, to the most brilliant mind...

How to use window.confirm()

confirm() lets us ask confirmation before performing something. This API dates back to the dawn of the Web, and is supported by every browser. It’s very simple and I think it might come handy in many ...

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Explain Lambda Functions Like I’m 5

Write about lambda functions Explain thought process and breakdown behind the pattern, implementing the solutions and how it works Coding Challenges and solutions The post Explain Lambda Functions Lik...

Break Git Down: How to Create A Branch From Main & Make Your First Commit in 2021

– Create Git cheatsheet of commands (git remote -v, git push, git init, git branch, renaming branches from master to main, etc) – create a branch – make a commit – push to main – * include section on ...

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