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I write about Django and JavaScript

2020, my year in review

Here's what happened in my 2020

Testing Django with Cypress, how nice!

In this post I share some recipes for testing Django with Cypress, with a focus on the authentication flow.

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I’m a software developer. I have one main opinion about programming, which is that deeply understanding the underlying systems you use (the browser, the kernel, the operating system, the network layers, your database, HTTP, whatever you’re running on top of) is essential if you want to do technically innovative work and be able to solve hard problems.

A software developer and a technical lead. I take special interest in databases, web development, software design and performance tuning.

The Unexpected Find That Freed 20GB of Unused Index Space

Every few months we get an alert from our database monitoring to warn us that we are about to run out of space. Usually we just provision more storage and forget about it, but this time we were under ...

Re-Introducing Hash Indexes in PostgreSQL

If you work with databases you are probably familiar with B-Tree indexes. They are used to enforce unique and primary-key constraints, and are the default index type in most database engines. If you w...

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I write about software development, machine learning and building a career in tech.

Software developer, sharing coding tutorials and tips

How to check the current Python version

You can check the version of Python that is running a program, at runtime. First you need to import the sys module from the standard library: import sys Then check the content of the sys.version_info ...

How to install Pygame Zero on macOS

A few months ago I bought a book from Raspberry Pi Press called Code the Classics. It’s an awesome book that talks about some classic games, including Sensible Soccer and Centipede, and then proceeds ...

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