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I write about Django and JavaScript

Configuring code coverage in Jest, the right way

In this brief tutorial we see how to configure code coverage for Jest, the right way.

Writing truly reusable React hooks, one test at a time

Learn how to decoupled your custom React hooks from any external dependency they might need.

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I’m a software developer. I have one main opinion about programming, which is that deeply understanding the underlying systems you use (the browser, the kernel, the operating system, the network layers, your database, HTTP, whatever you’re running on top of) is essential if you want to do technically innovative work and be able to solve hard problems.

A software developer and a technical lead. I take special interest in databases, web development, software design and performance tuning.

Lesser Known PostgreSQL Features

In 2006 Microsoft conducted a customer survey to find what new features users want in new versions of Microsoft Office. To their surprise, more than 90% of what users asked for already existed, they j...

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I write about software development, machine learning and building a career in tech.

Software developer, sharing coding tutorials and tips

Airbnb clone, let's start by installing Next.js

This post is part of a new series where we build a clone of Airbnb with Next.js. See the first post here. The first thing we’re going to do is.. we’re going to install Next.js! You need to have Node.j...

We're going to clone Airbnb with Next.js

With this post I’m starting a new series on the blog where I’ll show you how to build a clone of Airbnb using Next.js. The series will be pretty long, more than 20 posts, and we’ll tackle one part of ...

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