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I'm a Senior Software Engineer and evangelist for Mozilla, from Madison, Wisconsin.

Detect CSS Overflow Elements

Every once in a while you encounter a CSS annoyance that takes some cleverness to discover. One such case rears its ugly head in unwanted and unexpected scrollbars. When I see unwanted scrollbars, I u...

How to Mine Ethereum

Note: I expect a large number of people to object to cryptocurrency mining’s energy use and I totally understand. Hell, I agree. A few notes to consider: first, this will soon be remedied by Ethereum ...

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Comprehensive learning resources for mastering the JavaScript ecosystem.

React Newsletter #243

News React Query v3 Released This major release includes better SSR, bi-directional infinite queries, selectors, and much more. Electron React Boilerplate v2 Released This update includes changes like...

I don’t make libs for free, I make ’em for freedom

GitHub’s New Treats from GH Universe '90s Nickelodeon hit different GitHub Universe happened last week — and yes, we heard about dark mode 🌛. When we first saw the announcement video, we thought it m...

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I write about Django and JavaScript

2020, my year in review

Here's what happened in my 2020

Testing Django with Cypress, how nice!

In this post I share some recipes for testing Django with Cypress, with a focus on the authentication flow.

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My name is Sergio Martino and I am Frontend Software Engineer from Italy, living in Hertfordshire, UK. I am passionate about products, User Experience and real-world technology that makes sense in the context.

A 2020 retrospective

This past year has been a wild ride. Our communities have been through what has been one of the worst years in history, one that transformed how we live, work and socialise. Some of these changes are ...

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Working on React.js. Co-author of Redux and Create React App. Building tools for humans.

Before You memo()

Rendering optimizations that come naturally.

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Writing about JavaScript, software leadership, software development, and related technologies.

I am a german software engineer from Berlin, working remotely most of the time. I graduated from university with a Master of Science in Computer Science. Most of my work is open source, I write to help others learn how to be better coders.

Are React class components going away?

Are React class components going away in favor of React Hooks? Modern React with Hooks kinda deprecated React class components ...

React useReducer with Middleware

Learn how to use React's useReducer Hook with a middleware (and afterware) by using a custom hook for the reducer ...

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Freelance Web Developer from Belgium. Main topics are web related technologies (CSS, JS, PHP, …), along with other geeky things (robots, space, …) and personal interests (cartography, music, movies, …).

Dark mode in 5 minutes, with inverted lightness variables

Lea Verou shows a method to implement dark mode, not by swapping entire colors, but by simply changing their lightness The basic idea is to use custom properties for the lightness of colors instead of...

Accessible front-end components: claims vs reality

Great post by Hidde, warning about blindly trusting accessibility claims. Not all ‘accessible components’ are created equal, some will work a lot better for our end users than other. In this post I ha...

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We write guides and provide resources to help you learn new technologies the right way.

React Newsletter #243

News React Query v3 Released This major release includes better SSR, bi-directional infinite queries, selectors, and much more. Electron React Boilerplate v2 Released This update includes changes like...

I don’t make libs for free, I make ’em for freedom

GitHub’s New Treats from GH Universe '90s Nickelodeon hit different GitHub Universe happened last week — and yes, we heard about dark mode 🌛. When we first saw the announcement video, we thought it m...

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I’m a software engineer in the Boston area. My blog contains my best answers to questions that UI developers struggle with. Most of the posts are about React or Angular, with a few other random things thrown in

ESLint + VSCode: How to Format Your Code Using .eslintrc

I’ve gotten very used to having VSCode autoformat my file when I save. Usually, I use Prettier. But I joined a project that uses ESLint to manage its code style, and I wanted to match the team’s forma...

How to Read React Errors (fix 'Cannot read property of undefined'!)

Got an error like this in your React component? Cannot read property `map` of undefined In this post we’ll talk about how to fix this one specifically, and along the way you’ll learn how to approach f...

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Smashing Magazine delivers useful and innovative information to web designers and developers. The goal is to support the community with articles about the latest trends and techniques in web development. We try our best to impress you not with the quantity but with the quality of the articles we publish. We hope that makes us different. Smashing Magazine is, and always has been, independent.

Better Documentation And Team Communication With Product Design Docs

Have you ever struggled to get the green light on your design proposals? Do you feel like your design process needs to be formalized? Is the COVID19 era becoming a challenge for you when working remot...

Flaky Tests: Getting Rid Of A Living Nightmare In Testing

Unreliable tests are a living nightmare for anyone who writes automated tests or pays attention to the results. Flaky tests have even given folks nightmares and sleepless nights. In this article, Ramo...

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Daily articles on mastering JavaScript and front-end technologies.

How to Create An SVG Animation Illustration For Your Website

SVG Animations can make a website more creativeContinue reading on JavaScript in Plain English »

How to Protect Routes in Angular From Unauthorized Access

Learn how to use the AuthGuard to protect routes in Angular.Continue reading on JavaScript in Plain English »

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Hi! I'm Ali Spittel. I'm a (mostly) self-taught software engineer, who loves teaching people to code. I am currently a Senior Developer Advocate at Amazon Web Services. I'm 1/3 of the Ladybug Podcast

My Desk Setup

Whenever I post a picture of my desk, I get asked what's on it, so I thought I should write it all down! First, here's a picture of the…

Introducing the AWS Amplify Admin UI: Create an Application Backend in Clicks

I am so, so excited about the brand new Amplify Admin UI, which the team that I'm on at work launched this week. You can create and…

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Currently, I am a Senior UI Engineer, Accessibility lead at Medallia. My mission is to empower developers to make their Internet, an inclusive Internet.

I'm a Brooklyn-based developer who's making the web more styleable as a Developer Advocate at Google Chrome.

2020 in Review

Well this year absolutely sucked. But I'll try to take a look at the positive.

Cross-browser paint worklets and

Supercharging your CSS with Houdini paint worklets is just a few clicks away.

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My goal with this blog is to create helpful content for front-end web devs, and my newsletter is no different! It includes early previews to upcoming posts and access to special bonus goodies.

Building a Magical 3D Button

Every action we take on the web starts with a button click, and yet most buttons are ho-hum and uninspired. In this tutorial, we'll build an animated 3D button with HTML and CSS that sparks joy.

The Importance of Learning CSS

I know so many super-talented developers who share the same achilles heel: CSS. Instead of trying to “outrun” CSS, this article explores why leaning in and going deeper can be a tremendous boon for yo...

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I work for myself full-time as an educator. I create content all about Web Development on various platforms including:, Frontend Masters, YouTube, Twitter, and my own sites like 🏆 and EpicReact.Dev 🚀

Super Simple Start to ESModules in Node.js

I've posted a new article "Super Simple Start to ESModules in Node.js" and you can read it online. All supported versions of Node.js support ESModules now. Here's how to get started using them. You ca...

JavaScript Closures

I've posted a new article "JavaScript Closures" and you can read it online. How to work with them... and around them You can also subscribe for weekly emails on what I'm learning, working on, and writ...

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I am a frontend/serverless developer, normally based out of NYC but currently in Singapore. I am a frequent writer and speaker and recently published The Coding Career Handbook for Junior to Senior Engineers.

Reflexive McLuhanism

First we shape X, then X shapes us.

Set Explicit Help Timeouts

A simple way to normalize asking for help.

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Engineering Manager at Google working on Chrome

A Performance Heads-Up Display (HUD) for Chrome

Introducing a new Performance Heads-Up Display (HUD) to Chrome and Chrome for Android

React Server Components

React Server Components aim to enable modern UX with a server-driven mental model. In this post I will share some notes I took while catching up on the latest RFC and talk around this work.

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I helped build, design, and grow Observable as the first hire. I write about coding, life and various projects.

The return of fancy tools

Technology is seeing a little return to complexity. Dreamweaver gave way to hand-coding websites, which is now leading into Webflow, which is a lot like Dreamweaver. Evernote give way to minimal Markd...

Vendor by default

This isn’t a recommendation. It’s more of a habit that I’ve acquired recently. If this makes its way to Hacker News and people think how could he, my only response will be 🤷, why not. I’ve been build...

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I’m an independent user interface developer and teacher specializing in web accessibility.

I’m an American software engineer living and working in Stockholm. I love creating courses, writing blogs, and speaking at conferences.

I write HTML, CSS, and presentational JavaScript, and I aim to create experiences that look and function beautifully across anything that can access the web. If you have a project that could use my frontend help, please feel free to reach out.

Design engineering and development at Clearleft | Clearleft

However, as the roles of the front-end developer have stretched into the realms of ‘engineering’, it has created a split: Front-of-the-front-end: UI focused Back-of-the-front-end (referred to as ‘Engi...

Material Design Text Fields Are Badly Designed

saving space at the cost of clarity, ease of use and accessibility is a bad tradeoff to make. Source: Material Design Text Fields Are Badly Designed — Smashing Magazine

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Product-savvy engineering leader, currently working at Stripe.

Software developer, sharing coding tutorials and tips


Every day I’m exposed to hundreds of great ideas. Twitter. Hacker News. Reeder. Podcasts. YouTube. I have a curated inbox where every day I am interacting, mostly passively, to the most brilliant mind...

How to use window.confirm()

confirm() lets us ask confirmation before performing something. This API dates back to the dawn of the Web, and is supported by every browser. It’s very simple and I think it might come handy in many ...

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I write about life as well as my mistakes and successes as I learn to build a business. I'm building a self-funded startup (Pairwise).

I’m Kitty, a non-binary frontend developer focused on accessibility and workplace safety, currently leading the frontend team at Gorillas in Berlin.

Sass Guidelines improvements

I authored the very first version of Sass Guidelines in the first week of 2015, inspired by Harry Robert’s CSS guidelines. It went through 3 additional iterations: version 1.1 in April 2015, version 1...

An accessible toggle

Toggles (or sometimes “toggle switches”) are heavily used in modern interfaces. They tend to be relatively straightforward and can be thought as glorified checkboxes. Yet, they are often made inaccess...

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Developer, Digital Illustrator, UI/UX Designer. My goal is to create special, niche corners of the web

Case Study: 2020 refresh

This is a long one, so here’s some jump links if you’re looking for something specific:Folding header proof of conceptCreating the header artworkDetails make the illusionPull-tabsAbout page changing p...

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Hi, I'm Stefan. I write, speak and stream about web technology.

I'm a software engineer in Atlanta. I mostly focus on the front-end of the web. Through my site, Coder's Block, I blog and share whatever side projects I've been working on.

Diving into the ::before and ::after Pseudo-Elements

The ::before and ::after pseudo-elements are incredibly versatile tools in the CSS toolkit. Understanding them can help you craft practical CSS to solve all sorts of situations. Or you can take things...

Looking Back at 10 Years of Coder's Block

Today marks exactly 10 years since my first blog post on Coder’s Block! This is also my 100th post! To celebrate, I’m taking a look back at how Coder’s Block has changed through the years. I’m mostly ...

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I write daily web development tips that help you become a more efficient software developer.

I'm @adamwathan, a full-stack developer and entrepreneur. I share everything I know about making awesome software through my articles, talks, screencasts, podcast, and courses.

Software Developer, building mongoose.js. Creator of

Developer with a background in engineering and creative coding. I specialize in component-driven development, design systems and computational design.

Let's Build a Confetti Cannon

Confetti cannons are fun! Both to play with and to build. Let's learn to make one. Along the way, we'll cover particle systems and a bit of…

Scrollytelling with React

Scrollytelling is a visual and interactive form of storytelling. It consists of a logical sequence of visualizations. They accompany a…

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Software developer, transformed my career from making 7/hour building websites in Europe to a 6-figure job Silicon Valley. I help developers level up their skills with my newsletters, workshops, courses, and talks.

Send daily random photos from an S3 bucket using AWS Lambda – CodeWithSwiz 25

An experiment that sends daily photos from an S3 bucket to an IoT device using AWS Lambda

Your serverless questions, answered

When talk comes to serverless, engineers have lots of questions. Here are some answers 😊

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I'm a web developer consultant, writing about front-end technologies.

Compound components in React

Sometimes you find yourself in a situation where you need to build a component that is reusable but also very flexible so it can adapt to a…

Your framework choice isn't personal

Don't identify with your framework choice. Framework wars suck.

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I'm a software engineer and writer. I write about open-source projects and development tutorials.

Integration Tests with Jest, Supertest, Knex, and Objection in TypeScript

Recently, I set up unit and integration tests for a Node API in TypeScript, and I couldn't find a lot of resources for setting up and…

2020 into 2021

Well, 2020, it's been a slice. I've been pretty AWOL lately on all things internet, and I can't decide if I have a lot to say or if I'd…

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Google Expert, Front-end developer and user interface designer from Lagos, Nigeria. Co-founder and COO of BuyCoins (YC S18), a cryptocurrency exchange for Africa.

Highlights from Chrome Dev Summit 2020

CDS in 2020 was a bit different, like everything else. It was online, and the talks were more bite-sized at roughly 10 minutes each. I really enjoyed this new style of the summit and, while I missed t...

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I explore how to create software that lasts. My passion is open source and I'm the creator of vue-lazy-hydration, and node-sass-magic-importer

Premium Vue and Nuxt Templates for Web Apps and Sites

Suppose you’re searching for high-quality Vue.js templates, I recommend you to take a look at the work of Creative Tim (affiliate link). In this article, I’ll show you a list of handpicked premium tem...

Tailwind CSS: The Antifragile CSS Framework

Tailwind CSS is a divisive issue in the web development world: some love it, others love to hate it. I already wrote about my thoughts about Tailwind in a separate article, and there are a ton of arti...

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Tips for Teaching a Remote Workshop

Leading a workshop remotely presents some unique challenges. This post outlines some teaching strategies to help things go smoothly.

An Intro to RSS Feeds

A brief, illustrated introduction to RSS feeds and how they work.

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Explain Lambda Functions Like I’m 5

Write about lambda functions Explain thought process and breakdown behind the pattern, implementing the solutions and how it works Coding Challenges and solutions The post Explain Lambda Functions Lik...

Break Git Down: How to Create A Branch From Main & Make Your First Commit in 2021

– Create Git cheatsheet of commands (git remote -v, git push, git init, git branch, renaming branches from master to main, etc) – create a branch – make a commit – push to main – * include section on ...

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