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All-in-one community software that makes it easy to engage your crowd.

👋 Hey, Gene here. My goal is to help startups turn their visitors into paying customers. Growth Insider looks at successful companies and breaks down their designs and successful growth into actionable takeaways. Every few weeks I send out a breakdown of an app, startup, or an established business, so you can try and replicate their success.

Unbounce is a drag-and-drop builder that lets you create and publish your own landing pages, without needing a developer to code ‘em. It’s an easier and faster way to get more conversions from your traffic.

How to Build a Landing Page Wireframe

A landing page is only as strong as the foundation it's built upon. Here's how to craft a landing page wireframe to set your page up for success.

Copy or Design: What’s More Important to Your Landing Page Success?

Should you spend more time optimizing the design or the copy on your landing pages? We analyzed data from 36,928 page variants to find out.

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Metrics, dunning, and engagement tools for SaaS & subscription businesses.

Scenario Planning and Financial Forecasting: A Starter’s Guide

Part of being an agile company is anticipating market forces before they happen and having a plan in place to dodge potential pitfalls while taking advantage of new opportunities. To do this, you need...

How to make a hiring plan that stands up financially

As your user base increases month to month, you’ll naturally need more employees. Your customer success teams need to grow with your user base to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction.Your ma...

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Carefully curated digital marketing news, tech, and actionable advice.


STACKED MARKETER - The marketer's #1 daily newsletter! E-COMMERCE Black Friday isn’t what it used to be. Unless you’re a Shopify seller And the results are in! Black Friday is over and here are the sa...

1-star reviews.

STACKED MARKETER - The marketer's #1 daily newsletter! GOOGLE Have a mix of positive and negative reviews Customers find a mix of positive and negative reviews more trustworthy. This is not our claim....

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MailUp is the powerful, scalable, and integrated marketing solution for creating quality relationships with your customers.

How to give web images the ideal weight

When enjoying or working with the world of the web, you'll often have to optimize your webpage images, reducing their weight to boost your website speed and, above all, SEO. This post will help you fi...

Growth Hacking techniques to grow your business

rowth Hacking you can achieve exponential business growth. Want to know the strategies to use? Read the article for tips on the best way to implement them. The post Growth Hacking techniques to grow y...

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Critical writing for founders looking for their first 100 users

Helping you launch products that sell.

4 things nobody tells you about preselling your product

So, you’re thinking about pre-selling your product, eh? There’s a good chance you’ve experienced pre-selling one way or another. Maybe you backed a Kickstarter, or ordered a new book you were excited ...

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At Starter Story, we interview successful entrepreneurs and share the stories behind their business. In each interview, we ask how they got started, how they grew, and how they run their business today. The stories are inspiring and also provide specific advice and insight into starting a business. By sharing these stories, we want to help others get started.

Email marketing resources, webinars & tools to grow your business.

New feature: Domain alignment improves deliverability even more

Introducing our brand new feature: domain alignment! Use it to protect your sender reputation and boost your email deliverability.

The upside-down marketing funnel (aka focusing on customers first)

The idea behind the upside-down marketing funnel is simple—have a good product, take care of your customers and give them the tools to recommend you.

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ConvertKit is email marketing software for online creators - the authors, makers, podcasters, photographers, YouTubers, teachers, artists and other creators building the future.

Crowdfire is a powerful social media tool used by businesses and individuals all over the world to drive social media engagement and growth.

Social Media Updates this week [Sept 18  — Sept 24, 2021]

Social Media Updates this week [Sept 18 — Sept 24, 2021]Stay on top of Social Media newsWhat happened on Social Media this week 👇TwitterIs working on the new media editor that includes all the Fleets...

Social Media Updates this week [Sept 11 — Sept 17, 2021]

Social Media Updates this week [Sept 11 — Sept 17, 2021]Stay on top of Social Media newsWhat happened on Social Media this week 👇InstagramIs developing a new ‘montage’ feature to convert Stories to R...

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Plausible Analytics is an open-source project dedicated to making web analytics more privacy-friendly. Our mission is to reduce corporate surveillance by providing an alternative web analytics tool which doesn’t come from the AdTech world.

How we bootstrapped our open source Google Analytics alternative to $500k ARR

We’ve had an amazing journey to date. It took us 324 days to reach $400 in monthly recurring revenue (MRR) since we got our first paying subscriber on May 14 2019. Then things got a bit crazy. It took...

58% of Hacker News, Reddit and tech-savvy audiences block Google Analytics

There are several privacy concerns with running Google Analytics but there are worries about data accuracy too. How much data is missing from Google Analytics due to adblockers and privacy-friendly br...

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Buffer is an intuitive, streamlined social media management platform trusted by brands, businesses, agencies, and individuals to help drive meaningful engagement and results on social media. We have a suite of products for publishing, engagement, analytics, and team collaboration. Our products are carefully considered and highly refined in order to help social media marketers and teams work more efficiently and effectively.

A Branding Expert Shares: How to Use Design Templates Like a Pro

Whether you’re using Canva, Adobe Spark, or any of the other design template tools on the web, read on for my best advice for making sure your brand continues to shine.

What Employee Ownership Means for Trident Cafe and Booksellers

Featuring insights from Buffer’s Small Business, Big Lessons podcast episode four, and the accompanying unpublished interview, multiple employee-owners of the Trident shared why the bookstore moved to...

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EmailOctopus is an affordable, easy-to-use email marketing platform for anyone with an audience. We’re committed to saving you money, we’ll never compromise on deliverability, and we’re passionate about providing great service with a personal touch.

The best email marketing solutions for Amazon SES

Amazon SES – which stands for Simple Email Service – is a cost-effective, reliable and scalable email service built on the same infrastructure that developed to send communications to their...

Top Black Friday SaaS deals for marketers, entrepreneurs and small business owners

Black Friday is around the corner and SaaS (that’s ‘software as a service’ for the uninitiated) companies of all shapes and sizes are preparing their discounts for the weekend. Which makes it an excel...

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Intercom is a suite of customer messaging products that drives growth at every stage of the customer lifecycle—across acquisition, engagement, and support. Today more than 30,000 businesses use Intercom to connect with a billion people worldwide.

The ultimate customer support tech stack for 2022

Outdated, disconnected tools are no longer good enough. Learn how to future-proof your customer support tech stack for the modern conversational era.

Supercharge your learning with the 15-minute rule

When you encounter a problem, you have two choices – figure it out for yourself, or ask for help. Both have benefits, and drawbacks. Follow the 15-minute rule to strike a balance between the two.

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Marketing, sales, and service software that helps your business grow without compromise. Because “good for the business” should also mean “good for the customer.”

A Step-by-Step Guide to Advertising on Instagram

Instagram has finally surpassed 1 billion users. Yes — that's a billion with a B.

What Will Influencer Marketing Look Like in 2020?

Have you ever purchased something because a well-known person you admire used the product or service?

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Hey, I'm Harry. Each week I share a new case study in my newsletter. It’s short, sweet, and practical. 30k marketers read it. I’d love you to join.

Growth isn’t about knowing all of the right answers. It’s about learning and making progress. My writing captures ideas, thoughts, frameworks, and great examples of content marketing.

How I Build Content Briefs Using Frase

Buzzfeed Content Teardown: What About SEO?

Buzzfeed has a massive opportunity in search and SEO but they’re not taking advantage of it. They have the content. They have the topics. They have the expertise/authority. But they haven’t stitched i...

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Hey there, my name is Andrea and I'm a marketer with over 10 years of experience. Every Monday I pick a new online business and write a case study with actionable tips on how I'd grow it.

Keynote speaker, marketing strategist, podcaster, author of 7 books including Marketing Rebellion. I extract the signal from the noise. COO of B Squared Media.

The API-first content platform to build digital experiences.

How to load responsive images in AVIF and WebP using the HTML <picture> element

The Contentful Images API now supports AVIF! This means you can return your images stored in Contentful in the new AVIF format via the REST API or GraphQL API.

Jamstack, a11y, Cookies and Coronavirus — a look back at Fast Forward 2021 Day 2

On Day 2 of Fast Forward 2021 we brought you a veritable smorgasbord of delicious content from the developer community.

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My name is Richard Awoyemi, and I’m the author of The Startup. I’m an Actuary, Self-Taught Developer, Entrepreneur and Investor.

The Future Is Autonomous

Intro To Blockchain Technology — Part 2

The Future Is Decentralised

"Learning and innovation go hand in hand. The arrogance of success is to think that what you did yesterday will be sufficient for tomorrow.” — William Pollard What Got Me Thinking 💭 📚 Andreas M. Ant...

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Brandwatch is the world’s leading enterprise social intelligence company, allowing users to analyze and utilize conversations from across the social web. It is the perfect platform to make sense of the chatter about your brand online.

Brandwatch’s 50 Most Influential People on Twitter 2021

The 20 Most-Liked Videos on YouTube

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Since January 2006, Copyblogger has been teaching people how to create killer online content. Not bland corporate crap created to fill up a company webpage. Valuable information that attracts attention, drives traffic, and builds your business.

Permission to Get It Wrong

We talk a lot about strategies that help you grow your writing career, because we want to position you to... Continue Reading The post Permission to Get It Wrong appeared first on Copyblogger.

Guest Posting Best Practices for Serious Writers [2022]

Note: The most important guest posting best practice to keep in mind is pitching articles to sites that actually accept... Continue Reading The post Guest Posting Best Practices for Serious Writers [2...

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Simple social media automation for entrepreneurs who dream big

Twitter Ghostwriting: Turning Twitter into big business

Twitter ghostwriting: The perfect side hustle for Twitter lovers, and how it can help you build an audience online. Growing a Twitter account is one of the most rewarding ways to establish yourself on...

Twitter Blue: The Enhanced Twitter Experience

Twitter has finally rolled out its paid subscription offering “Twitter Blue”, enabling users to pay a monthly fee to gain access to a range of additional tweet features and tools. Currently, the subsc...

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A free newsletter on building a powerful brand, for makers, builders, & scrappy self-starters of every stripe.

We solve the hardest parts of subscription growth to support your business from end to end.

Copywriter for busy founders, investors and entrepreneurs. Writing about business and finance.

PMA is a collective of passionate product marketing managers committed to driving demand, adoption & the overall success of their products.

How to leverage blog content to generate leads

Blogging is more than just sharing company news, events, or updates with your users. When it’s done properly, it can elevate you to thought-leader status and establish your service as the authority in...

Differentiating developer product marketing from traditional product marketing, LinkedIn

Averie and Mark dig into how developer product marketing and traditional product marketing differ. They also discuss the challenges and benefits of marketing to developers, and why developer PMM is li...

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I'm Wes Kao, a marketer helping B2C brands launch new products and create new categories.

Hand curated weekly resource for must-read content by female startup operators and investors.

Lift others as you climb; Valuation myths; How to become a feedback magnet

Where women in tech lead, shape and fund the future.

Inside the portfolio of eToro's most copied female trader; Changing careers in 2022; and more.

Femstreet Member Briefing No. 88

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Discover the tools that traject founders growth. Get the weekly email that keeps founders up to date with emerging SaaS, hot podcasts, and actionable resources to grow your project.

I write, host a podcast, and run a writing school called Write of Passage. Each week, I write two popular emails. Monday Musings is a collection of the coolest things I learn every week. Meanwhile, Friday Finds is a links-only newsletter where I only share the kinds of ideas you won’t find anywhere else.

How Should You Write?

There are two ways to write: The Printer Method and the Pixel Method. With the Printer Method, you write and rewrite every sentence until it’s perfect. Nail the first sentence, then the second, and so...

Against 3X Speed

Mike boastfully reads 100 books per year. He listens to audiobooks at 3x speed whenever he drives, and swears he can remember it all. His browser has a plugin that lets him speed up YouTube videos, an...

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SeoTesting is run by Nick Swan, who's been building websites and working in SEO since 1998. The blog shares insights on current SEO practices and is a great resource for makers looking to learn how to get more traffic to their sites. The articles are beginner friendly and explain SEO in a way which is easy to understand and implement.

Striking distance keywords report using Google Search Console API and C#

Filter the query data coming back from the Google Search Console API, so we report on queries that are on page 2. These 'Striking Distance' keywords are low hanging fruit that we can work on to get th...

Introduction to Google Search Console API with C#

Get started working with the Google Search Console API and C# code with this complete walk through on how to get access to query data in Search Console.

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Founder of and Starter Stories

Metaverse (thread)

Life is much better logged out of Twitter.

Life is much better logged out of Twitter.

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I write about marketing, productivity and note-taking.

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