Best 51 Web Design Blogs of 2021

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I look for quality articles, written by someone who is writing from personal experience. The quality of the content is more important than how long an article is, but I do favour blogs which are kept updated with new posts on a regular basis. 

The best Web Design blogs you should follow

We celebrate, inspire and support the creative community. A platform for artists and designers, founded in 2009.

Silk Pearce's new designs for Royal Mail celebrate 70 years of UK National Parks

Silk Pearce's new designs for Royal Mail celebrate seven decades of UK National Parks.

Mother Design managing director Kathryn Jubrail on post-pandemic design trends, 'kitchen table' agency culture and more

Mother Design's MD on post-pandemic design trends, 'kitchen table' agency culture and more.

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Unbounce is a drag-and-drop builder that lets you create and publish your own landing pages, without needing a developer to code ‘em. It’s an easier and faster way to get more conversions from your traffic.

3 Tips for Getting More Value from Your Landing Pages

What about the visitors who don't convert? Workshop Digital's Andrew Miller explains three ways you can win longer-term conversions from visits to your existing landing pages.

How the Pros Would Optimize Your Landing Page

Optimizing landing pages is hard. Very hard. But what if you had an on-call optimization specialist to help out? What opportunities would *they* see?

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YDJ Blog was created by Hazel Lee, a freelance digital designer based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We showcase projects and creative stories on the blog and share it with a wider audience.

Awesome Motion Design Inspiration – February 2021

Motion Design – an abbreviation for Motion Graphics Design is the art of using graphic design and putting it motion with… The post Awesome Motion Design Inspiration – February 2021 appeared first on Y...

Gorgeous Prints & Packaging Design Collection – February 2021

Almost every business owner prefers to go digital with their brand. While this is most ideal method in terms of… The post Gorgeous Prints & Packaging Design Collection – February 2021 appeared first o...

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Behance is the world's leading platform for creative professionals across all industries.

Meet This Month’s Guest Curator: Kervin Brisseaux

Each month we invite a creative to curate our social feed for one week. We spoke with February’s Guest Curator Kervin Brisseaux about what it takes to develop a signature style and the Behance moodboa...

Introducing Improved Grids on Adobe Portfolio

We’re pleased to share an update to Portfolio’s grid layouts — one of the most popular feature requests from our community!Now you can alter the gutter spacing between images and adjust the maximum nu...

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Anima’s mission is to streamline design to development, automatically. We believe that great UX makes everything better. We want to bring a better experience to those creating it.

How to turn your Figma designs into responsive prototypes

Designing for different screen sizes is essential for creating the best user experience. In this article, we will show you how to create responsive prototypes with Figma and Anima.Turn your Figma desi...

Anima — Design to code 2021 new features

Anima — Design to code 2021 new featuresDownload React components; group layers; convert to image, and code quality improvementsAnima is here to help Front-end engineers deliver faster, by automating ...

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Define software specifications through advanced wireframes and realistic simulations. Our solutions are aimed at minimizing the risks in software development and reducing development costs to the minimum.

UXPin’s design editor lets you create the perfect user experience from start to finish without leaving the app. Go from lo-fi to hi-fi in seconds using pre-made customizable elements from our UI libraries or elements imported from your own Sketch library.

You Can Become a Code-Based Designer Without Learning Code

When you hear about code-based design as an emerging trend in digital apps development, you might experience a shudder of panic. You enjoy design images, and you learned how to use software common thr...

What is React and why use it for your app?

Designing an app is complicated at the best of times, so anything that will make it simpler is always welcome. That’s where React comes in. What is React? It is a library of JavaScript code and compon...

View all posts is an industry leading prototyping platform which gives designers, entrepreneurs, and developers the power to create pixel-perfect web and mobile app prototypes that look and feel just like the real thing. All without a single line of code.

How to Use Persuasive Design for Good, Not Evil

... The post How to Use Persuasive Design for Good, Not Evil appeared first on Blog.

5 Steps to Making Popular and Familiar Products

... The post 5 Steps to Making Popular and Familiar Products appeared first on Blog.

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Axure (Ak Shûr) drives innovative digital experiences. Our UX platform is a powerful & flexible solution for you to truly explore and innovate, all in one place

Rediscover Repeaters

The post Rediscover Repeaters appeared first on Axure.

A Nicer Way to Make Forms

The post A Nicer Way to Make Forms appeared first on Axure.

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Low-fidelity wireframing tool for founders, PMs, developers, students, and senior UX professionals.

New Integration: Balsamiq Power-Up for Trello!

Balsamiq now integrates with Trello! Link your wireframes to Trello cards with just a few clicks, and collaborate without friction!

Balsamiq Sponsorships & Raffle Update for February 2021

Women’s History month is approaching and we’re proud to support seven upcoming events whose mission is the advancement of gender marginalized folks in tech.

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CSS In Real Life is a blog covering CSS topics and useful snippets on the web’s most beautiful language.

Tailwind Thoughts

Although I use utility class framework Tailwind CSS for work, in some ways I am a reluctant user. I actively advocated for us to adopt it as…

Learning About CSS 3D Transforms and Perspective

3D transforms, despite being available in CSS for a while, are one area I’ve never understood well. I think if they were new to CSS now, I’d…

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Maze is a user testing platform that turns your prototype into actionable insights from real users, bringing confidence to the design process.

UX Design Weekly is a weekly email of relevant, curated links for anyone interested in User Experience Design.

Issue 323

Articles A small journey into madness creating complex variants in Figma One component to rule them all. How to use design pairing to gain crucial context Pairing is an essential skill when you’re wor...

Issue 322

Articles How To Put Faith in UX Design Put your faith in your UX knowledge and use it as a foundation to stand on, instead of a weight holding you down. How to solve design’s ‘work around the work’ pr...

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Smashing Magazine delivers useful and innovative information to web designers and developers. The goal is to support the community with articles about the latest trends and techniques in web development. We try our best to impress you not with the quantity but with the quality of the articles we publish. We hope that makes us different. Smashing Magazine is, and always has been, independent.

Useful DevTools Tips And Shortcuts (Chrome, Firefox, Edge)

DevTools is very advanced and helpful, but can also be very intimidating and overwhelming. Let’s fix that. In this article, Vitaly reviews useful features and shortcuts for debugging in Chrome, Firefo...

Optimizing Video For Size And Quality

Adding video to your application can increase customer engagement and satisfaction. But the exact opposite can occur when there are issues with the video playback: video stalls are frustrating and dri...

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TDB brings you carefully curated design inspiration, featuring works of designers and studios from all over the world.

Consider Joining the A’ Design Award TodayA’ Design Award...

Consider Joining the A' Design Award Today Consider Joining the A' Design Award Today Consider Joining the A' Design Award Today Consider Joining the A' Design Award Today Consider Joining the A’ Desi...

Brand Identity for Crane by COLLINSOver the last year, COLLINS...

Brand Identity for Crane by COLLINS Brand Identity for Crane by COLLINS Brand Identity for Crane by COLLINS Brand Identity for Crane by COLLINS Brand Identity for Crane by COLLINS Brand Identity for C...

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Behind the scenes of Airbnb's creative culture through the lens of our team.

The New Normal

Creating services to keep our travel community safe

Introducing Tyrus

Our free digital toolkit for freelance illustrators

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We're the content, research and design team at Deliveroo. We help riders move, restaurants grow and customers eat in over 200 cities around the world. Come find the answers with us.

We create websites and email builders designed for developers and non-tech users, in addition to services such as the Designmodo Market and Designmodo Jobs. Designmodo also provides articles, tutorials and industry news about trends and techniques. The website is visited by professionals from small- to large-sized companies and is used as a reference by many design and coding schools.

Improve your Campaign with Gift Card Emails: Best Practices and Examples

This post is originally published on Designmodo: Improve your Campaign with Gift Card Emails: Best Practices and Examples Gift card emails are one of the most underused marketing avenues. People like ...

Guide to Effective Password Reset Emails; Drive Traffic to Your Website

This post is originally published on Designmodo: Guide to Effective Password Reset Emails; Drive Traffic to Your Website What type of email garners the highest open- and click-through rates? It is not...

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The finest, curated mobile and web design patterns for your inspiration. Curated by designers, for designers. We're on a mission to create the world's most extensive design inspiration library and community. We believe in empowering designers and helping them make better decisions for products that make the world a better place.

5 Qualities of An Effective UX/UI Designer

So, you’re thinking of starting a career in UX/UI design? You’re probably wondering now what it takes to be a successful UX/UI designer. When we search on the Internet about “what it takes to be a suc...

Top 5 Market Reseach Agencies in Sydney You Should Work With In 2021

Market research is very important for any business. Without market research, you would be spending time, effort and money into a new business or product venture literally without any idea if your busi...

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Plant is a powerful version control & collaboration tool that is seamlessly integrated with Sketch. Plant works to organize your projects and ensures that none of your creative process is lost.

The awards that recognize the talent and effort of the best web designers, developers and agencies in the world.

Dribbble is the leading destination to find & showcase creative work and home to the world's best design professionals.

3 ways to make a design portfolio that clients love

What do different clients and companies look for when it comes to your design portfolio? In this post, learn how to craft a design portfolio that impresses large corporations, startups, and agencies a...

Top 12 Websites to Find Full-Time (& Freelance) Graphic Design Jobs

Where can you find great graphic design jobs online in 2021? Here’s a list of the best websites and job boards to find new full-time and freelance graphic design opportunities.

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Centralize design collaboration, version control, prototyping, feedback, and developer hand-off with Avocode. Work on any design, anywhere, with anyone.

Zeplin is a connected workspace where you can share, organize and collaborate on designs — built with developers in mind. Zeplin was founded in 2014 and today we are honored to support 3.5+ million users from thousands of product teams, including Apple, Starbucks, Salesforce, Amazon, Microsoft, Audi and many more.

Introducing Component Variants, Zapier Integration & new Notification experience

Introducing Component Variants, Zapier Integration & new Notifications experienceAt Zeplin, we believe in the promise of design. In fact, it’s our mission. Every month, more than 6 million designs are...

Storybook and Zeplin: A new integration

We built Zeplin to be a friendly place for the entire product team to collaborate, and that includes developers. With our release of Connected Components last year, we made it possible for developers ...

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Stories, tips, and tools to inspire you to find your most creative self.

Creativity doesn’t just open doors. It opens worlds.

We're a cross-disciplinary team that loves to create great experiences and make meaningful connections between listeners and creators.

Crafting Aha! Moments: Lessons from Live Experience Creators

In search of a fresh perspective, we spoke to four people who craft real like experiences to find out how they make "aha! Moments" happen.

Personalized Playlists

What makes a great personalized playlist? Three Product Designers responsible for crafting Spotify's listening experience share their thoughts.

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We hand-craft this newsletter every week to include the most interesting and relevant news and information published that week both on CSS-Tricks and off.

Front of the Front / Back of the Front

People really latched onto Brad’s framing. And for good reason. Front-end development has gotten so wide scoping that there are specialists inside of it. Two years ago, I cut it down the middle and no...

How to Create a Shrinking Header on Scroll Without JavaScript

Imagine a header of a website that is nice and thick, with plenty of padding on top and bottom of the content. As you scroll down, it shrinks up on itself, reducing some of that padding, making more s...

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Canva is a graphic design platform that allows users to create social media graphics, presentations, posters, documents and other visual content.

A design platform for teams who build products together. Born on the Web, Figma helps the entire product team create, test, and ship better designs, faster.

Over one million designers — from freelancers, to some of the largest companies in the world — use Sketch to transform their ideas into incredible products, every day. We’re building a platform to empower designers to share and collaborate on their designs and work better, together.

Inside Sketch: What happens when you save a document to your Cloud Workspace

You probably work on Sketch documents stored in your Cloud Workspace multiple times a day. But what happens when you actually hit Save? In this article, we’ll dig a little deeper into why we developed...

Objective-C: How Brad Cox’s programming language has shaped Sketch since day one

We often use this blog to talk about new Sketch features, or pull back the curtain on how we work here — such as exploring our creative process, or looking into how we optimize the Mac app. But one th...

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InVision is the Digital Product Design platform used to make the world’s best customer experiences. We provide design tools and educational resources for teams to navigate every stage of the product design process, from ideation to development.

How to use empathy to design for inclusion

According to the Very Big Things team. The post How to use empathy to design for inclusion appeared first on Inside Design.

The #1 industry to join as an innovation-obsessed designer

Perhaps more than any other industry, FinServ is undergoing a rapid transformation due to COVID-19. The post The #1 industry to join as an innovation-obsessed designer appeared first on Inside Design.

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Undraw is a constantly updated design project with beautiful SVG images that you can use completely free and without attribution. We blog about open-source design and creativity.

Neumorphism Generator by Adam Giebl

A great tool to generate CSS code to take advantage of the controversial new design trend.

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Publication for all things prototyping: UX, Responsive Design, Wireframing, Front-end Development, Accessibility and beyond.

UI & UX Micro-Tips: Volume One

A collection of handy tips to help improve your designs instantly. When creating efficient, and beautiful UIs for your next project sometimes it takes only the smallest adjustments to help quickly imp...

Notion CRM template: How I use it to Grow My Career

My process in building a CRM tool using Notion Note: This article is part of my

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Marvel makes design and prototyping simple for everyone. Started as a side-project in 2013, we're now home to over 2 million individuals and teams around the world who use Marvel to make ideas a reality.

Q&A with James Terry, Chief Product Officer and co-founder at Dishpatch

As part of our series of interviews with the design and creative community, we had the pleasure of interviewing James Terry, CPO and co-founder at Dishpatch about his journey into design, and how he t...

Analyse your designs with heatmaps

Last year we launched our powerful User Testing features, which enable you to record and analyse how users interact with your prototypes so you can optimise your designs based on customer insights. As...

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Since 1998, the design magazine for people who make websites.

I write HTML, CSS, and presentational JavaScript, and I aim to create experiences that look and function beautifully across anything that can access the web. If you have a project that could use my frontend help, please feel free to reach out.

The Never-Ending Job of Selling Design Systems

This image is fantastic: This is a great read from Ben: The Never-Ending Job of Selling Design Systems – A List Apart

Building better products with a design token pipeline

This is a good deep dive into setting up design token architecture. It largely maps to how we tend to structure things, with some slight language and architectural differences: They use “Option design...

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Curated stories on user experience, usability, and product design.

Elevating your aesthetics for beautiful business outcomes

Why great design is a must for everyone.Continue reading on UX Collective »

Service design beyond design thinking, journey maps, and personas

What I wish I knew as a service designer.Continue reading on UX Collective »

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Boxes and Arrows is devoted to the practice, innovation, and discussion of design—including graphic design, interaction design, information architecture, and the design of business.

A Digital Response to the Pandemic

In March 2020, the pandemic stretched across Europe to the UK and Ireland. As the governments of Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic began reporting cases of a deadly new coronavirus strain, both ...

Customer Experience during a Pandemic

Global pandemics are a challenge for everyone. Customers look to institutions and businesses they already trust for answers. Meanwhile, companies must scramble to figure out the best way to maintain e...

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Developer, Digital Illustrator, UI/UX Designer. My goal is to create special, niche corners of the web

Case Study: 2020 refresh

This is a long one, so here’s some jump links if you’re looking for something specific:Folding header proof of conceptCreating the header artworkDetails make the illusionPull-tabsAbout page changing p...

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A writers collective sharing stories about about design, photography, and UX.

Expano EXPO Exhibition Branding and Visual Identity

Expano EXPO Exhibition Branding and Visual Identity abduzeedo02.16.21 Crtomir Just and FRANC FRANC shared a colorful branding and visual identity project for Expano, the Slovenian pavilion building fr...

Typography Inspiration by Roy Cranston

Typography Inspiration by Roy Cranston abduzeedo02.16.21 Good design is long lasting, that’s the best definition for me and it’s clear when you see projects that were published more than 2 years ago l...

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The latest design news from across the UK and beyond, including rebrands, product launches, app redesigns, new interior spaces and social projects.

Pride in London’s new identity hopes to usher in a more inclusive future

The UK’s largest Pride organisation has rebranded ahead of its 50th anniversary next year with inspiration from the exclamation mark. The post Pride in London’s new identity hopes to usher in a more i...

Coca-Cola tests paper bottle but is it the answer?

The bottle is made by Danish company Paboco and features an extra strong paper shell, 100 per cent recycled plastic enclosure and liner inside. The post Coca-Cola tests paper bottle but is it the answ...

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We share insight and inspiration from across the creative industries, connecting brilliant minds to make brilliant things happen.

San Francisco Symphony’s new identity brings classical music up to date

Collins added a contemporary twist to the 108-year-old symphony’s branding, drawing inspiration from the expressive sound of the music itself The post San Francisco Symphony’s new identity brings clas...

Inside ACMI’s ambitious museum design

As Melbourne’s newly revamped screen culture museum reopens, we talk to chief experience officer Seb Chan about building a multiplatform experience that straddles analogue and digital The post Inside ...

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Dieline is the world’s most visited packaging design website, and it highlights the importance and value of packaging design for brands in today’s world. Dieline has evolved into a high-level bespoke creative platform for package designers, brand designers, consumer brands, agencies, suppliers, sustainability experts, students, and packaging manufacturers.

A showcase of brand identities from around the world, with an accompanying book on the intricacies of the design process.

The Common Stove

Designed by Lantern, London.

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Shillington is a network of design colleges. It's blog features a range of inspiring design work and insightful articles.

50 Best Design Blogs You Have To Read (2021 Update)

Once upon a time, graphic design blogs were all about eye candy. But while there’s nothing wrong with that, recent years have seen more and more blogs that delve a little deeper. Nowadays, if you want...

A-Plus Agency: Junior Graphic Designer

The post A-Plus Agency: Junior Graphic Designer appeared first on Shillington Design Blog.

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BP&O is an abbreviation for Branding, Packaging and Opinion. It's run by Richard Baird - a London-based freelance designer and writer, working within the field of identity design.

LogoArchive: A Graphic Design Laboratory

LogoArchive is a series of booklets dedicated to the modernist logo-making of the mid-century. It can be enjoyed as is and just for that. However, the ideas within these booklets, in the words of Ian ...

LogoArchive – Akogare 憧れ by Hugh Miller

LogoArchive returns with its fourth collaborative Extra Issue and first bi-lingual release, documenting the forms of Japanese logo design. Through the distinctive smaller format of the bound booklet L...

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An independent archive of typography.

10 Years of Fonts In Use

Contributed by Nick ShermanLicense: All Rights Reserved. Fonts In Use officially launched 10 years ago today, on December 21, 2010. The site, which started as just the Blog before opening up to public...

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Inspiring hand picked curated masterpiece design project every day

New York based Designer

2020 Reads

Kindred by Octavia E. Butler Parable of the Talents by Octavia E. Butler Parable of the Sower by Octavia E. Butler Tell Me How Long the Train’s Been Gone by James Baldwin If Beale Street Could Talk by...

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Your place to go for high quality design inspiration.

Kron — stock market social videos

illo & algo worked in collaboration with Bakken & Bæck to develop Kron — stock market social videos. Data-driven, automated videos by Algo help fintech startup Kron keep their followers up-to-date on ...


The SIAB (real estate development company of Béarn) is a company that supports institutional and private actors in regional planning. The main mission of SIAB is to be able to energize city centers an...

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