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Hi! I'm Vicki Boykis. I'm a consultant in data science and machine learning. I write about making tech less sexy, more bring, and anything adjacent to tech that the mainstream media isn't covering

The last miles and miles of the vaccine

One web dev versus the System

Diamond hands, when memes became power

Our new, growing shared and unknowable Internet culture

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100 Day Sprint

The last few years have been hard for me. Entering 2021, I am out of shape, obese, have high blood pressure, and a pretty high heart rate. All these give me an elevated risk of hospitalization and dea...

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Hypothesis test by hand

Descriptive versus inferential statistics Motivations and limitations Hypothesis test Why? When? How? Method A: Comparing the test statistic with the critical value Step #1: Stating the null and alter...

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TikTok in R!

A quick tutorial showing how to use the tiktokrmd R package to display TikTok videos in .Rmd files and then serve them up on GitHub pages.

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All things data newsletter #12 (#dataengineer #datascience)

(if this newsletter was forwarded to you then you can subscribe here: The goal of this newsletter is to promote continuous learning for data science and engineering prof...

Making your engineering team more data-driven

Background: In December 2020, I was invited to lead a group discussion as part of Plato circles. The topic that I chose was “Making your engineering team more data-driven” and we had such a good discu...

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Linear interpolation in Python: An np.interp() example

It's easy to linearly interpolate a 1-dimensional set of points in Python using the np.interp() function from NumPy.

NumPy meshgrid: Understanding np.meshgrid()

You can create multi-dimensional coordinate arrays using the np.meshgrid() function, which is also available in PyTorch and TensorFlow. But watch out! PyTorch uses different indexing by default so the...

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Understanding Time Series Analysis

In this article, I will take you through a complete understanding of Time series analysis. Time series analysis is considered an essential skill for various purposes, but mostly we neglect it in machi...

Introduction to Computer Vision

Before entering the article, please get in touch with Convolutional neural networks because CNN is the algorithm behind Computer vision implementation. Introduction to Convolutional neural networks. I...

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Feature Stores for Self-Service Machine Learning

Features stores are now becoming a thing. Google Cloud is supporting Feast, an open source feature store, AWS announced the SageMaker Feature Store in December 2020, and raised a $35 Million...

Cold Air Calories

When you breathe in cold air, your body warms up that air. Simultaneously, your body temperature will lower slightly but then eventually come back to its basal temperature of $\sim$98.6$^\circ$ F (37 ...

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Understand your models with #TidyTuesday inequality in student debt

This is the latest in my series of screencasts demonstrating how to use the tidymodels packages, from starting out with first modeling steps to tuning more complex models. Today’s screencast is a shor...

Learn tidytext with my new learnr course

Today I am happy to announce that a new free, online, open source, interactive tutorial, Text Mining with Tidy Data Principles, has been published! 🎉 I previously developed an interactive course on t...

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5 Tips to Building a Dividend Passive Income Portfolio

Building a dividend producing passive income portfolio requires thought, time, and education. Today I’m sharing 5 tips for building a dividend passive income portfolio and how you can figure out the r...

My Search for a Low Touch Passive Income Generator

It was a musical thing, and you were supposed to sing, or to dance while the music was played. - Alan Watts I struggled with where to publish this article. Part of me wanted to post this to my regular...

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