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Hi! I'm Vicki Boykis. I'm a consultant in data science and machine learning. I write about making tech less sexy, more bring, and anything adjacent to tech that the mainstream media isn't covering

The luxury of length

Hi Friends, It’s been a while since my last post, almost a month, as the dashboard shows. But it’s not like I haven’t been thinking about it.I’ve been meaning to write a good long post for the past mo...

The last miles and miles of the vaccine

One web dev versus the System

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100 Day Sprint

The last few years have been hard for me. Entering 2021, I am out of shape, obese, have high blood pressure, and a pretty high heart rate. All these give me an elevated risk of hospitalization and dea...

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Running pace calculator in R Shiny

Introduction Running pace calculator How to use it? Code Introduction If you are a runner yourself, you are certainly aware of how important preparation is before a race. For the preparation of my fir...

Hypothesis test by hand

Descriptive versus inferential statistics Motivations and limitations Hypothesis test Why? When? How? Method A: Comparing the test statistic with the critical value Step #1: Stating the null and alter...

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TikTok in R!

A quick tutorial showing how to use the tiktokrmd R package to display TikTok videos in .Rmd files and then serve them up on GitHub pages.

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All things data newsletter #13 (#dataengineer #datascience)

(if this newsletter was forwarded to you then you can subscribe here: The goal of this newsletter is to promote continuous learning for data science and engineering prof...

Framework for onboarding as an Analytics leader in a new team:

1. Start with people: On a new team, start with meeting people. This includes your team, stakeholders and cross-functional partners. Ask them about the company, product, team, help they need and seek ...

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NumPy arrays to PyTorch tensors and back

The basics of converting NumPy arrays to PyTorch tensors and vice versa.

TorchVision transforms

TorchVision, a PyTorch computer vision package, has a great API for image pre-processing in its torchvision.transforms module. This post gives some basic usage examples, describes the API and shows yo...

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The blend of Artificial Intelligence and Neuroscience

The brain commands the activities that we perform and we generate the code for the machines to make them perform those activities that we want. What if we connect our brains with the working... The po...

Top 5 Courses on Coursera for Deep Learning

To create the patterns of the human brain and train the model to think, act, decide, and work like humans it is necessary to involve the field of deep learning. The deep neural networks... The post To...

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Feature Stores for Self-Service Machine Learning

Features stores are now becoming a thing. Google Cloud is supporting Feast, an open source feature store, AWS announced the SageMaker Feature Store in December 2020, and raised a $35 Million...

Cold Air Calories

When you breathe in cold air, your body warms up that air. Simultaneously, your body temperature will lower slightly but then eventually come back to its basal temperature of $\sim$98.6$^\circ$ F (37 ...

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Dimensionality reduction of #TidyTuesday United Nations voting patterns

This is the latest in my series of screencasts demonstrating how to use the tidymodels packages, from starting out with first modeling steps to tuning more complex models. One change I have recently m...

Bootstrap confidence intervals for #TidyTuesday Super Bowl commercials

This is the latest in my series of screencasts demonstrating how to use the tidymodels packages, from starting out with first modeling steps to tuning more complex models. Today’s screencast uses a re...

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H2O Wave App Tutorials

Just like what I did with my general H2O-3 Tutorials, I’m starting a seperate H2O Wave Tutorial post for you all here. I will add to this as I go along and build more apps. Stock Chart Generator Wave ...

Passive Income - T Dividends

There are many reasons why I hold AT&T ($T) for my passive income goals. The first one is that it was around during the Great Depression and the second, it will probably be around during the next Grea...

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