Best 37 Community Building Blogs of 2021

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I look for quality articles, written by someone who is writing from personal experience. The quality of the content is more important than how long an article is, but I do favour blogs which are kept updated with new posts on a regular basis.

The best Community Building blogs you should follow

Community Management strategist & Program Manager | Internal Community Programs Lead @ Google | Excitable Geek | Lover of spectacle | I write about my passions

Co-founder / CEO of the togetherness platform. Communities you build in minutes. Packed with AI. Nordic made in spirit and in tech

I’ve learned community is built one conversation at a time. Powerful community work is creating, supporting, and growing the spaces where meaningful conversations happen.

From Community Oracle to Chief Community Officer

How we got here and where we're going

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Get smarter about building communities. Building a community is hard. Engaging a community is even harder. We put together 100s of resources that will help you build and grow communities. From books, tools to podcasts that you can listen to make better decisions for your community.

Conversation with Nick deWilde of Jungle Gym. Uncommunity #32

This week’s Uncommunity is brought to you by... Localist. Localist brings together event management and marketing automation in one place, so you can easily grow and engage your community and make mea...

AMA with Sharath of Product Hunt. Uncommunity #31

Hey friends, Rafy here This is Uncommunity’s bi-weekly newsletter. We bring you community experts interviews, resources related to building and growing communities, tools that you can use to scale you...

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A turn-key community platform powering a fully-branded custom social network.

Vanilla provides a one-stop-shop solution that combines the power of customer community, Q&A, knowledge base, and ideation to help brands improve CX and loyalty.

10 Key Takeaways from Community Predictions 2022

Our 7th annual Community Predictions edition is almost here!

5 Benefits of a B2B Customer Self Service Portal

Providing your customers with a customer self service portal is hugely beneficial in the B2B world and empowers your customers by giving them the tools to help themselves. As such, providing a custome...

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We share best practices, tips & news for community building. Building software to help organizations become community-driven.

Disciple community management platform helps leaders build independent, valuable and trusted communities in a safe space that they own and control.

With Build With Users we’re sharing lessons on how software startups with traction are building their business leveraging a user community. We’re interviewing people behind such companies to learn about how they grow their community, keep people engaged, and use their community to improve their product.

I’m Rosie Sherry. I’ve been building communities professionally for around 15 years. I’ve done everything from meetup groups, managing a coworking community, to creating a global community for software testers, to where I am now, leading the community over at Indie Hackers. This is a newsletter for people who want to build communities.

We collaborate with global community leaders to implement proven, research-backed strategies for community success.

A powerful community platform integrated into your product. Increase user engagement, retention and customer lifetime value.

What Does Customer Support Mean in 2022?

The basic customer expectations from support are the feeling of being heard, appreciated, and valued. Now with access to technology, customer support expectations are also evolving. Customers don’t ju...

Customer Community Platform vs. Helpdesk: Distinct solutions that work well together

You already know how a helpdesk can streamline your customer support. And you probably know that a customer community brings significant benefits too. But did you know that the two… The post Customer ...

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Connecting association community managers to information and resources that enable thriving communities.

Connecting, training, and advocating for community professionals world-wide

How to Close a Community

Saying goodbye to a community is hard. As community managers, we pour so much love, energy, and time into our programs, that we grow personally attached to them – the members, the stories, the convers...

How to measure and report on Value

Value and how we think about value is complicated – especially in the community industry. When measuring a community’s value, we often look only at quantitative metrics, but metrics don’t tell the com...

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We help you build better communities by focusing on data & social sciences.

Our SaaS cloud-based community + marketing automation platform brings people together to ignite engagement + problem-solving.

Patreon is a creator-founded membership platform that helps creators change the way their art is valued through a direct relationship with their fans. Thousands of video makers, podcasters, musicians, writers, game developers, and other creators are making a salary on Patreon. Through ongoing financial support, they are able to spend more time connecting their fan community and creating filling the internet beautiful things that millions of people enjoy.

Patreon Sent the British Parliament a Letter About the Draft Online Safety Bill

In our submission, we explain why we believe the bill must more clearly define and provide certainty about what kinds of speech it intends to regulate.

Thoughts on improving patron billing

Join us as we dive into ongoing explorations of patron billing, how creator feedback is shaping a potential solution, and how we plan to test it.

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A place for independent writing. We make it simple for a writer to start a paid newsletter. We started Substack because we believe that what you read matters and that good writing is valuable. We believe that writers, bloggers, thinkers, and creatives of every background should be able to pursue their curiosity, generating income directly from their own audiences and on their own terms.

Tell the British we’re coming

We're making a push to bring more U.K.-based writers to Substack, helped by our new head of writer partnerships for the region, Farrah Storr.

What To Read: Daniel Connolly is covering college basketball's team to beat

We interviewed Daniel Connolly, who writes UConn WBB Weekly, a publication that provides in-depth coverage of the UConn women’s basketball team.

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Hi, I'm Anna founder of Community Finder. I've made my career in digital product development during the last 7 years. Things my experience covers is software engineering, business process management and content development and strategy.

I'm a leading community manager, speaker, author, and podcaster. I'm the founder of Jono Bacon Consulting which provides community strategy/execution, developer workflow, and other services. I previously served as director of community at GitHub, Canonical, XPRIZE, OpenAdvantage, and consulted and advised a range of organizations.

Dean Baratta On Intelligence and Security

Dean Baratta comes on to talk about his fascinating career in working in intelligence, security, and protection. Communities are changing the way we do business. Discover a concrete framework for buil...

Sam Aaron On Live Coding Music

Sam Aaron, creator of Sonic Pi comes on to talk about live coding music. Communities are changing the way we do business. Discover a concrete framework for building powerful, productive communities an...

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Keynote speaker, marketing strategist, podcaster, author of 7 books including Marketing Rebellion. I extract the signal from the noise. COO of B Squared Media.

Writer + podcaster studying creators and online communities

Mighty Networks powers brands and businesses that bring people together via online courses, paid memberships, events, content, and community–all under your brand, instantly available natively on every platform. We serve the rapidly growing world of “creators with a purpose” in the emerging category called The Passion Economy.

Kajabi vs. Thinkific

The interest in online learning has exploded over the last year. And now, more people than ever are looking to build online courses. Online courses platforms have given many people an opportunity to j...

How to Measure Community Engagement

So you’ve built a stellar membership or a thriving community where your people come together to master something interesting. But how do you know if all your moving parts are actually working? While p...

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My newsletter explores the principles of technology development that build and reinforce real and meaningful relationships missing IRL.

Issue #54: Belonging and Healing

"As soon as healing takes place, go out and heal somebody else." — Maya Angelou

Issue #53: Belonging and Suffering

"Suffering, if it is accepted together, borne together, is joy." — Mother Theresa

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I write on The Bootstrapped Founder because bootstrapping is a desirable, value- and wealth-generating way of running a company, and still many people shy away from it. I wrote about how we founded, ran, and sold FeedbackPanda in under two years. I’ve been sharing the learning from my journey over the last decade in my guide Zero to Sold.

Building in Public: Oversharing

Reading Time: 7 minutes There is an inflection point in many SaaS founders’ Build in Public journey: around $25.000 monthly recurring revenue, founders who have previously been very vocal about their ...

Passive Income and Entrepreneurship

Reading Time: 5 minutes For many entrepreneurs, having passive income is the ultimate goal. It’s a great goal, too: having money coming in without having to do any work sounds better than selling your...

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My name is Evan Hamilton. I love to bring people together. I’m privledged to get paid to find ways to create win-win situations for companies and customers. Currently I am Community Team Manager at Reddit. Previously I was Director of Community at CMX, Community Lead at Coursera, Director of Community & Customer Loyalty at ZOZI, Head of Community at UserVoice, and Community Ambassador at Flock. I’ve been doing this for over 10 years and still love getting to do this work each and every day.

How to Build a Successful Customer Advisory Council

Building trust – with customers, with communities, with employees – is one of the most important things you can do as a business. It’s not just a touchy-feely issue; consumers with greater trust will ...

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Community Strategist. Currently: Head of Community at Venafi. Previously Salesforce & Atlassian.

I’ve been leading online communities since the early 2000s and have created community for presidential campaigns, non-profits, small businesses, and the Fortune Global 50. I know the power of online community because I’ve been both the recipient and creator of powerful connection.

How Maggie Raised Her Community’s Engagement 740%

Maggie was a VP of Operations at a growing startup. She had recently moved her family out of their home state and was juggling a job that took a lot of her energy during the 9-5, being a mom, and crea...

The Community Builder’s Guide to Member Research Surveys

Survey research is fast, nearly free, and broadly accessible. But community builders need to know that survey research is only valuable to a point.For instance, asking members directly what they want ...

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Seed-stage VC working with entrepreneurs to leverage the power of community.

We invest in early-stage community-driven companies.

Thank You, Lolita!

There are some people that leave a place better than they found them. Lolita is that kind of person.We bonded a year ago on Twitter, sharing a passion for supporting underrepresented and underestimate...

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A global platform that allows anyone to create, share, find and attend events that fuel their passions.

4 Solutions for When Virtual Events Go Wrong

Creators had no choice but to pivot to online event production with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, and these events appear to be here to stay even as local restrictions lift. Virtual events offer...

Boost Your Marketing, Not Your Budget

Advertise your full events calendar for the price of just one ad with multi-event ads. Events are booming. Whether it’s Back2Bass at Egg LDN Nightclub, a Chinatown food crawl with NY Adventure Club or...

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I build internet communities. I'm the Co-Founder of Late Checkout, a product studio that designs, creates and acquires internet communities. I'm also a growth advisor at TikTok and a venture partner at Indicator Ventures, a tech venture fund.

A Day in the Life of a Crypto-Fueled Future

The year is 2030. You live in rural Montana in a cabin with your spouse and 3 children. You wake up, pour yourself a cup of hot coffee, and check your social networks to see what your favorite creator...

Here's What the Future of NFTs Looks Like

JPEG Summer is Over, New Format Fall has arrived

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Currently building community at Commsor

I'm Noele Flowers, and I'm a community manager and content creatorl. I'm currently running all things community at Teachable, a platform that helps online entrepreneurs create and sell online courses. At Teachable, I created and run our community program which includes a private tiered forum, virtual events, product betas, and exclusive custom content. I have *a lot of thoughts and feelings* about community management, and I'll be sharing those via my blog.

Hi! I’m John, and I’m pretty-much obsessed with community! I’ve been studying, building, and even writing software for communities for the last 20+ years.

YEN: Independent and Proud

TL;DR: I bought back the company. Fuck yeah.

CEO Community for Creators, Founders

A little help goes a long way.

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Our mission is to equip creators, builders, and entrepreneurs with the resources and support needed to take action and manifest their passions into the world.

We’ve developed a powerful solution that allows our clients to easily brand, customize, and engage their communities. Leveraging modern design standards and an advanced suite of functionality, organizations can offer their stakeholders a dedicated networking space where they can share knowledge and experiences, benefit from targeted opportunities, and keep in contact with both the program and each other.

How the Boost Community Activates and Equips Immunization Professionals to Respond to COVID-19

The immunization landscape has become increasingly complex and volatile. There is more vaccine hesitancy, violence against healthcare professionals, and ongoing global health system delivery barriers.

Brite Ideas Podcast: What Metrics Matter and Why

For this episode, we welcomed Nik Miller, Partner at More Partnership—a leading consultancy firm that supports non-profit organizations, including universities, hospitals, theatres, museums, and the w...

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