The Top 5 Podcasts for Bloggers

As bloggers, it’s our job to inform, advise and entertain our readers. We hone our craft, and with each new post we find new and better ways to reach and engage with our audience. With shifting algorithms and the ever-evolving landscape of social media, how do you keep up?

Podcasts are one of the best ways to keep up to date with new trends and learn from other bloggers who share their wisdom. You can listen on your commute, whilst working from home or even add it to your morning routine. Most podcasts are free to listen to and you can listen to them on Spotify or your favourite podcast player.

Criteria for selecting the best podcasts for bloggers

We’ve compiled a list of our favourite podcasts, with preference for podcasts with a regular release schedule, a range of guests and perspectives from different blog niches. Let’s jump into it.

1. The Blog Millionaire

Website: The Blog Millionaire

Host: Brandon Gaille

Where to listen: Spotify

Brandon takes us through his journey from surviving a brain tumour, helping his partner beat breast-cancer to launching a blog which now attracts over 1 million visitors a month.

2. Smart Passive Income

Website: Smart Passive Income

Host: Pay Flynn

Where to listen: web player

Pat Flynn is a serial entrepreneur, public speaker, founder of FlynConn (a conference for entrepreneurs and followers of Smart Passive Income) and an advisor to start-ups.

3. ProBlogger

Website: ProBlogger

Host: Darren Rowse

Where to listen: Web player and iTunes

ProBlogger is a community of 300,000+ bloggers, with resources on all aspects of creating and growing your blog. It’s run by Darren Rowse, who went from blogging as a part-time hobby whilst juggling 3 jobs to eventually turning it into his full-time job.

4. The Blogger Genius

Website: The Blogger Genius

Host: Jillian Leslie

Where to listen: iTunes, Stitcher, YouTube, web player

Jillian Leslie is the founder of MiloTree, an online tool to help you grow your social media accounts and email subscribers with pop-ups. She’s grown her company to hundreds of thousands in revenue and her podcasts shares stories of how successful bloggers and online entrepreneurs have grown their business.

5. Just Keep Blogging

Website: Just Keep Blogging

Host: Kim Anderson

Where to listen: Web player

Kim Anderson’s lifestyle blog led to her and her husband becoming financially independent, in the process allowing him to ditch his job and the commute. Now a consultant and blog coach, her podcast helps online content creators to grow and pursue their blogging goals.

We hope you’ll love these podcasts as much as we do, and that they’ll be a source of inspiration and new perspectives for your blog.